History of aviator sunglasses

Published: 13th February 2009
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History of aviator sunglasses

Have you ever wondered where that cool signature "pilot's frame" also called the "aviators sunglasses" originated from? And most of you wouldn't be aware as to how it got this name?

Well, in this article let's know the history of the famous "pilot glasses (aviator sunglasses)" before you decide to get a pair for yourself.

The Aviator shades came into existence during the Second World War and were especially designed for fighter pilots as a part of their uniform and hence the name "pilot's glasses".

The "aviators" tag came much later after years of use. It wasn't commercially available until about two years after its designing.

The company credited with the conception, design and manufacturing of aviator sunglasses is none other than Ray Ban!

The world over Ray Ban is known for its trademark aviator's sunglasses.

As we all say "Necessity is the mother of all invention". The necessity of protecting the eyes of pilot's from the glare of the sun and also enemy bombing and shelling made it imperative to design glares that were sturdy, rugged and provided protection from sharp lights while giving distortion-free image even amidst light and smoke!

The World War II saw the need for a good pair of sun goggles escalating to great heights; that could drastically cut out the glare hitting the eye and keep the pilot focused on the target by cutting out the entire warp.

Ray Ban's design team came up with the Aviator sunglasses which met all the requirements on all the counts perfectly.

Ever since they came to the aid of flyers around the world, the aviator's trademark design has remained more or less unchanged and is still issued with the uniform to military pilots around the world over.

One interesting piece of information is that in 1937 the ordinary public was "banned" from wearing aviators!!

Down the years different companies started manufacturing their own version of "pilot glares" or aviator's but none as popular as the original aviator's from Ray Ban and the classic design is still as "hot" as it was almost seven decades ago! Some accomplishment that!

While aviators are still the flyer's favorite, its excellent anti-glare defense has made it a hot favorite with police and other law enforcement officers. Even during the day the Aviator sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun and at night from bright, vehicular traffic lights.

Officers swear by the dark lenses of the Aviator sunglasses that impart an air of authority to its wearer and make him/her stand tall amongst the crowd.

The mirrored lenses version of the Aviator sunglasses adds to that dramatic aura effect and is one of the reasons for its popularity. Unlike other fashion sunglasses, the lenses in aviators are gently curved which makes it a great "wrap-around" sunglass.

You could easily say that today's wrap-around is a modern version of the good 'ol Aviator sunglasses. Good things never really get out of fashion. Do they?

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